Randy Pitchford: Microsoft and Sony "have never been competitors"

"There's opportunity for both to be allies".

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Last week was a busy one for the Xbox boss Phil Spencer (now promoted to CEO of Microsoft Gaming) who was the architect behind Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard last week. This led to plenty of interviews with him and also communication in social media.

At least two times he had good things to say about Sony. First when he said that "Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship", and also explained that "I trust them".

The relations between Microsoft and Sony is at an all-time high with top members of the teams publicly keeping in touch, cross-play being supported and Microsoft releasing some games for PlayStation and vice versa. Also, let's not forget that they also have a common cloud project for video games in the making.

One person, who thinks it's time for the two companies to deepen their efforts even further, is the Gearbox founder and boss Randy Pitchford. He tweets that they have never really been competitors and says:

"How long is it going to take before Sony, remembering that it is a consumer electronics company, can be happy with Microsoft, which is a software company, having Microsoft software running as third party apps on Sony's hardware? In my mind, they have never been competitors."

He later continues by saying they should try to meet middle ground, adding:

"I think Sony is aware that Xbox wants to be a gaming OS, essentially, and Sony is protective of itself there (for good reason). There's opportunity for both to be allies in the middle ground, however. Wild to watch. I adore Sony and adore Xbox, so..."

Do you think we'll get to see Microsoft and Sony deepening their collaborations even further in the near future?

Randy Pitchford: Microsoft and Sony "have never been competitors"
Randy Pitchford: Microsoft and Sony "have never been competitors"

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