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Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation is called Crimson Heist

More should be shown at the Rainbow Six Siege Community and Game Celebration this Sunday.

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Ubisoft has officially confirmed that the next Operation coming to Rainbow Six: Siege will be called Crimson Heist. The confirmation was provided over Twitter and shows what could also be the next Operator in the teaser post - a man wearing spectacles and a flat cap. There's no way of knowing whether this will be the next Operator until further is unveiled, but the upcoming season does seem to have a less militaristic focus, that is if the text accompanying the tweet has any meaning.

"Getting the job done can sometimes require a more creative approach," reads the tweet.

As the next year of Rainbow Six Siege is set to shown-off in some degree this weekend at the Rainbow Six Siege Community and Game Celebration airing on February 21, we can assume that this mysterious character and the Operation he is tied to will be elaborated on further then.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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