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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's next season is bringing the Belgian Operator, Sens

It'll start on June 7.

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Ubisoft has officially unveiled the next season of Rainbow Six: Siege. Set to arrive in game on June 7, this new batch of content will go under the name of Operation Vector Glare, and will bring the new Belgian Operator, Sens, a new team deathmatch map, and the first phase of the updated reputation system.

Sens is set to be an Attacker, and will bring the R.O.U. Projector System gadget that spawns a wheel that travels in a straight line to leave behind small projectors that self-destruct after a period of time. These projectors block line-of-sight and make it difficult for Defenders to easily eliminate Sens and his allies. Sens is also set to be a low speed, high health Operator that brings the new weapon, the POF-9 or the 417 as a primary, and the SDP 9MM or the GONNE-6 as a secondary.

Otherwise, Operation Vector Glare will add the team deathmatch map called Close Quarter. This is a map that is based in Greece and is designed with a "circular flow" that focuses on movement over defensive setups.

On top of this, the aforementioned first phase of the reputation system will bring better ways to penalise and reward those who offend and those who display good behaviour in-game. This could be in the form of penalties and sanctions, and aim to better the experience of playing Siege.

Add to this the two new onboarding features of a Shooting Range and an Operator Guide, and you can see how Ubisoft is aiming to make Siege even more accessible.

Last of all, it was noted that this season will see the introduction of two Yakuza crossover skins that will be available for Hibana and Echo in the future.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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