Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege's antagonist becomes playable in the game's ninth year

Deimos joins the fray as an Attacker.

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As Rainbow Six: Siege's biggest esports event of the year came to a close over the weekend, with this being the Six Invitational 2024, Ubisoft used the major event to once again show off and reveal the next year of content planned for the shooter.

Year 9 will be kicking off with a season dubbed Operation Deadly Omen. The season will bring a new Attacker who also happens to be one the game's main narrative antagonists. Deimos will be playable, and as for what he brings to the table, his DeathMark gadget can pinpoint and track a Defender's position while his Vendetta revolver comes with a scope to allow him to strike at a distance.

Specifically, Ubisoft's description of Deimos is as follows: "Deimos joins the Attackers as a 2-health, 2-speed Operator armed with either the sturdy AK-74M assault rifle or the burly M590A1 shotgun. His secondary weapon is .44 Vendetta revolver that sports a one-of-a-kind magnified scope. One shot from this new weapon will open up a slug-sized hole in a destructible wall, and two shots will be enough to take down an Operator. He'll also have frag grenades or hard breach charges to help him pursue his objective."

Take a look at Deimos in action below.


As for what else is planned for Operation Deadly Omen, this season will see shield-wielding Operators getting a slight tweak so that they can now sprint with their shields to blast through barricades like the Kool-Aid man. Otherwise, aim down sights speed is slowing down, rappelling animation is being smoothed, LMGs are getting more manageable recoil, Ranked is being adjusted, and various other more minor tweaks and additions are planned too.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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