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Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 to bring four new Operators

The plans for Ubisoft's tactical shooter upcoming year have been detailed.

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The plans for the next year of Rainbow Six: Siege have been outlined at the Rainbow Six Siege Community and Game Celebration event. The full year is set to feature four new Operators, a bunch of reworked maps, several gameplay updates and even better technology to prevent server cyber attacks.

Kicking off the year is Operation Crimson Heist. This season will bring the new attacker Flores and his RCE-Ratero exploding bomb Gadget, as well reworks to the map Border, a new secondary weapon, and a replay system to rewatch your games that will be coming to the PC version before landing on consoles.

Also coming over the course of the year will be balance tweaks designed to level the playing field, by targeting the defender meta the game currently sits in. Likewise, Goyo and Melusi will be receiving slight reworks to their Gadgets to make them feel less oppressive when fighting against them.

A series of new cosmetics are set to arrive over the year as well, with a Resident Evil Zofia skin headlining, and a horror-themed line designed by Ikumi Nakamura also dropping at different intervals across the year.

As there is a whole lot to unpack regarding the next year of Rainbow Six Siege, if you want to read further into everything coming in Crimson Heist and beyond, be sure to check out our article going into further depth right here.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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