Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege sets new concurrent player record

Ubisoft's tactical shooter has set the new record an astonishing four years after launch.

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Things might have started out a bit rocky for Rainbow Six: Siege, with the tactical shooter getting its fair share of criticism when it launched back in 2015. Fortunately, Ubisoft listened to the community and invested a lot of resources into making the game as good as it could be. And the rest of the story is pretty much a fairy tale for the company (but one with guns, hostages, and a whole ton of violence).

With the game launching at the very end of 2015, it has been on the market for just over four years, and rather impressively when you consider its age and the competition it's up against, it's getting more popular by the day. During the weekend, it even managed to reach a new all-time high for most concurrent players on steam, according to Steam Charts, with a whopping 178,824 players enjoying the game at the same time (and who knows how many people were playing the console version).

The game's success is undoubtedly linked to its popularity as an esport, but Ubisoft has also supported it with extensive content drops. The latest operators, for example, have just landed on the game's test servers and will launch properly soon. To find out more about the next update, including the addition of a Golden Gun mode, breach this link with a carefully controlled mouse click.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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