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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is free to play until March 24

The Free Week is to celebrate the recent Operation: Crimson Heist launch.

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Ubisoft has announced that its premier tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege will be getting a free week, starting today March 18, and running until March 24 on all platforms. The event is to ring in the annual update for the game that has kickstarted Year 6 with Operation Crimson Heist.

The free week itself will be offering all of the maps and modes to those who try out the game during the event, but the number of available operators has not been disclosed. If I had to guess, new players will be able to get their hands on all of the Operators from launch, Year 1 and Year 2, but after this, players will have to pick up new characters with Renown or with the character packs.

To build on this, the game is also seeing a special deal that sees it selling for up to 75% off, so be sure to pick it up if you enjoyed the Free Week experience.

To see what else is on the cards for Rainbow Six Siege over the course of Year 6, be sure to check out our rundown article here.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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