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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege - A Look Ahead to Year 4

After getting briefed by the Ubisoft Montreal team at the Six Invitational and talking to developers, we know there's a lot to look forward to.

Another cell within Ubisoft's development team will be dedicated to stomping out toxicity as well, something that has been long overdue with Siege. The game has a bit of a reputation online for the toxic parts of its community, especially when it comes to team killing (something that is always an issue for games that allow it). Reverse friendly fire is a feature that brand director Alex Remy was particularly excited to show us, and this should help fight back against those looking to shoot their friends.

This feature is designed to allow leniency for one mistake, but punish those who are repeatedly shooting teammates. This is because damage is reflected back at you when you try to kill a teammate, which can even down and kill you. This is similar to what we've seen in the likes of Call of Duty before, and since Ubisoft acknowledges toxicity is one of the game's biggest issues, we hope this can help with the problem.

It's not just big picture stuff that Ubisoft is aiming for though, as the day-to-day gameplay will also have a few tweaks. The action phase is being reduced from four minutes to three-and-a-half minutes now, for example, and the way you play Ranked will also change. The beta tag is coming off in the first half of 2019, most importantly, and Pick & Ban will be introduced in Season 2 (coming in May) to bring it in line with the way the pros play. There will also be clearer explanations of where you are in terms of skill level and all the rules.

Rainbow Six: Siege
Pick & Ban will drastically change the way Ranked is played.

Playlists are a big feature on the way as well, designed to help what Remy calls the "flow of players" through the game. Again, this has a dedicated team working on it, and if you've been feeling a bit intimidated about jumping into Siege you'll be pleased to hear a Newcomer playlist is coming exclusively for players under Level 50.

Here players will get to play on three maps and see tips and tutorials as they go, which is something that Siege definitely needs. Like with every game there are a lot of talented people that can make put newbies off from competing, but this will give those players a chance to learn without being brutalised by the experienced players. The rules are made clear as well, and with Bomb as the only game mode, this provides a safe place to learn the ropes.

For those thinking of jumping in for the first time there's another welcome change, as the team has adapted the prices of the Operators. From now on older Operators are significantly cheaper, and the priciest Operators will be those just released, meaning players can jump in and get to grips with the familiar faces before deciding if they want to get the latest content, which will include obviously the Burnt Horizon Operators as well as other nationalities like Danish, Kenyan, Indian, and Mexican coming this year.

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