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Rainbow Six Pro League ditches relegation in EU/NA

Season XI starts next month, and there are some big changes coming in, increasing the number of teams as well.

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Ubisoft has revealed some big changes for Rainbow Six: Siege esports, as the Rainbow Six Pro League is kicking off again on January 6, with adjusted timings as follows:

• Europe: Monday and Wednesday - starting at 7 PM CET
• North America: Monday and Wednesday - starting at 8 PM EDT
• Latin America: Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7 PM BRT

The Asia-Pacific Pro League will still take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as you can see below:

• Japan: 21:00 - UTC+9
• Australia-New Zealand: 19:00 UTC+11
• South Korea: 20:00 - UTC+9
• Southeast Asia: 19:00 UTC+8

The biggest changes affect Europe and North America though. With regard to the former, the number of teams competing is being bumped from eight to 10, and there won't be any relegations in the next season. The two extra places will be filled by Season XI Challenger League teams, and this qualifying process will be shared later.

With North America, this is also expanding from eight to 10 teams, with Season XI not being played for promotion or relegation either. We're advised to "stay tuned" for more on the extra two teams coming in.

Amaru and Goyo have now been added to the Pro League pool, with Kali and Wamai entering a grace period for a minimum of three months.

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