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Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction seems to be landing on January 20

An updated blog post has put an exact date on when the tactical shooter will land.

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A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that it would be delaying the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction, seeing the game abdicate its former September 16 release date in favour of one in January 2022. Ubisoft never put an exact date on when Extraction would be coming in January, only revealing that it would be launching in the month, however this cloud of mystery seems to have been dispelled by an updated blog post that mentions an exact date.

It looks like Rainbow Six Extraction will officially be coming on January 20, 2022. The updated blog post states, "Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, made its gameplay debut during today's Ubisoft Forward, giving a taste of what to expect when the game launches on January 20."

Obviously this wasn't originally in the blog post, as in June 2021 when it was published, Extraction was still targeting a September launch. Likewise, Ubisoft hasn't made any big announcement about this exact release date, but we can probably expect a new announcement date trailer, or something of the likes following this revelation.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be launching on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, and PS5, and if you can check out our thoughts on the game in our preview, or can watch a bunch of our gameplay below.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

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