Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Extraction reaches three million players

The Buddy Pass is even launching today.

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Exactly one week ago, Ubisoft launched Rainbow Six: Extraction on Amazon Luna, PC, PlayStation, Stadia and Xbox after a long and seemingly troublesome development, which included several delays and a name change (from Quarantine).

Unfortunately, it didn't really deliver the fun factor many had hoped for and was met with mixed reviews (we weren't exactly thrilled either). But this hasn't stopped the game from becoming a really big hit. As revealed on Twitter late yesterday, Rainbow Six: Extraction only needed six days to climb over three million players, while also sharing an important reminder:

"Rainbow Six Extraction has surpassed three million players within its first week! A sincere thank you to our millions of players, and it's just the beginning - starting tomorrow, our Buddy Pass is live. Invite two of your friends from any platform to play with you for free!"

Rainbow Six: Extraction is also included with Game Pass (something that surely has helped the numbers), so trying it out couldn't be easier. Have you played it yet and what did you think of it?

Rainbow Six: Extraction

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