Raiders of the Broken Planet - Hades Betrayal out now

The 4v1 shooter also gets a new progression system.

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Hades Betrayal is the third campaign for the continuously evolving asymmetric shooter, Raiders of the Broken Planet, and it just released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (as it's standalone you don't need the two previous campaigns and the events are merely related, not consequent).

The new story means four new missions which can be played solo, up to four-players PvE co-op, or a mixture of both via the 4v1 Antagonist mode. The content also includes a new character, Ayana, a corsair exclusive to this campaign. The video below takes a look at the new features, and after that, you can find the official artwork of the character.

On a related note, players of either this new campaign or any part of the game will see the progression and rewards system redesigned, is it now allows users the chance to level up to unlock new stuff as well as new customisation features for weapons.

Have you tried Raiders yet? You can download the free-to-play Eternal Soldier content and leave a comment below.


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