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Racing Dreams: Wrecking a Porsche 911 GTE at Laguna Seca

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Sometimes things just don't go as planned, especially when you're racing on Automobilista 2's highest difficulty and pushing your rear-heavy, jittery Porsche 911 Cup Car too hard, slamming it into the wall and watching the front suspension shoot up through the hood.

Gamereactor's 6DOF Full motion racing rig consists of an SR2 system from Simrig mounted on a Modus Ultimate from Swedish Rig Design and then placed on top of a Traction Plus Platform from Next Level Racing. This is powered by an HP Omen 45L with AMD Ryzen 9 and AMD 6950 XT Red Redvil, and three pieces of LG CX 55" Oled TV's. The wheel base is a Fanatec DD2 with a Podium M4 GT steering wheel and Heusinkveld's Ultimate Plus pedals.

Racing Dreams is a series of video clips and articles where Swedish editor-in-chief Petter Hegevall shares his passion for sim-racing.


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