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Automobilista 2

Racing Dreams: Madness in a Porsche Group C in Automobilista 2

We're continuing our Racing Dreams video series.

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Porsche Group C 962 was built in 1984 and was a insanely fast machine with 700 horsepower under the hood and a weight of just over 850 kilos, which of course makes it difficult to drive in Automobilista 2, which in today's Racing Dreams video lends itself to some real on-track madness.

Gamereactor's 6DOF Full motion racing rig consists of an SR2 system from Swedish company Simrig which is mounted on a Modus Ultimate from Swedish Rig Design and then placed on top of a Traction Plus Platform from Next Level Racing. This is powered by an HP Omen 30L and in the way of monitors we use three LG CX 55 "OLED TVs. The steering wheel base is a Fanatec DD2 with a Podium M4 GT steering wheel and we run the Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus pedals.

Catch the full video below.


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