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Racer Trackmania delayed until July

Ubisoft Nadeo has decided that the PC racing game will need another two months in the garage.

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The next entry in the Trackmania racing series was set to release for PC in about two weeks, but today Ubisoft informed us about the delay of its arcade racer. As things stand now the remake/reboot of Trackmania Turbo will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store from July 1 on. The switch from office operation to work from home was cited as the reason for the delay, as the transition messed with the internal developing schedule.

We don't assume that the French team of Ubisoft Nadeo will lay low for now, because in the official press release, the developer writes that all parts of the game will benefit from the additional time and work. As a small extra, we got a new gameplay trailer that is showing the qualities of the title.


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