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Race Pro

Race Pro demo due out soon - lots of DLC planned

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I'm not the best driver in the world. Putting me behind the wheel of a GT car may be a close second to putting a bunny farm beside the back straight on a list of bad ideas. And Simbin's games asks a lot of the player. However it should be noted that they have opened up their simulations to more casual drivers such as myself and I managed to stay mostly on track when I tried my skills at Brands Hatch.

The game is due out on February 13 in Europe and February 17 in North America, and a demo should be out on Xbox Live about "3-4 weeks prior to release". That means right about now, although neither Atari nor Simbin could provide us with an exact date for the demo. Very soon.

Simbin's Magnus Ling also confirmed that they have big plans for several downloadable content packs with both tracks and cars although he was not at liberty to give any specifics. Between the lines I sensed that we are in for more American race tracks ahead (Road America and Laguna Seca are included) - but that's just my interpretation.

Last year was a fairly slow year for racing (had to do it), especially the second part of the year as Need for Speed: Underground failed to impress, but 2009 looks like its off to a strong start with Race Pro. With both Gran Turismo 5, a rumoured Forza 3, and Bizarre Creations' next effort set to be released later on in the year - it could be a huge year for racing fans.

Ling also reiterated Simbin's ambition to put out the next Race Pro, or whatever their next big release will be called, on both PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Race Pro of course is the first console effort from Simbin so they're taking it step by step.

Race Pro

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