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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

QueDesShlags become PES League European champions

The French group kept the temper on the penalties after an intense final match, and thus qualify for the Co-Op World Finals.

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PES League 2019 Europe S2 Co-Op champions are QueDesShlags#QDS, and the very tight and exciting final match versus the Italian-Serbian team Mkers was decided on the penalties in the event held by Konami in Porto, Portugal.

The back and forth of goals and changing strategies made for one of the most beautiful matches of the day. It took comebacks from both teams during the regular halves and extra time, with both then having to rely on an extended penalty round. Mkers dominated both the group stage's leaderboard and parts of the final match, but QueDesShlags#QDS didn't lose a match, proving to be the most solid team.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

It's more of a feat when you consider QueDesShlags were just two players, instead of the regular trio for the competition. FCNanteseSport-GRDbros were also like that, but because they chose to, while QDS had their third player missing due to personal reasons. In the Gamereactor interview below, there's a moving message for that missing player.

Other than the $2,200 USD for each player, QDS also qualifies to the PES League 2019 Co-Op World Finals, which will be held in a TBC place this summer. There, European S1 winners Broken Silence, American team Eligasul Stars, and two Asian teams have qualified already, with another American team to be decided next week in Mexico and a further two teams to be selected by yet unknown criteria.

For the full Co-Op results check down below. Are you excited for the World Finals?


PES League Europe Finals S2 Co-Op Results

NanteseSportGRDbros 2 - 2 Pro2Bee Esports
Mkers 4 - 2 AS Monaco Esports
Mkers 3 - 5 QueDesShlags#QDS
Team UI 2 - 3 NanteseSportGRDbros
Mkers 8 - 2 NanteseSportGRDbros
Pro2Bee Esports 1 - 2 AS Monaco Esports
QueDesShlags#QDS 2 - 1 Team UI
AS Monaco Esports 4 - 0 NanteseSportGRDbros
AS Monaco Esports 2 - 2 QueDesShlags#QDS
Pro2Bee Esports 2 - 3 Team UI
Team UI 2 -2 AS Monaco Esports
QueDesShlags#QDS 2 - 2 Pro2Bee Esports
Mkers 5 - 2 Pro2Bee Esports
Mkers 3 - 4 Team UI
NanteseSportGRDbros 2 - 2 QueDesShlags#QDS


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