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Quaye: Fnatic to sign subs for every position for next season

They have big plans moving forward.

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Fnatic's LoL manager Finlay "Quaye" Steward has revealed some plans for the upcoming season via Twitter, revealing that a pretty sizeable expansion is on the way for Fnatic, one that's pretty unusual for LoL.

In the first tweet he says: "No update on our new roster yet, but our plans for next season include large upgrades to our infrastructure," which sounds pretty ambitious but not too out of the ordinary, but when the plans are revealed in the next tweet, our eyebrows were more than raised.

For a start, the plans include having a substitute for every position on the team, which isn't all that common in LoL. He also plans to have a training centre (or "gaming office") where the team can practice every day too, and the last planned action is "adding sports psych and other staff", so there's no shortage of ambition for Quaye at least.

What's also interesting is that ex head coach for Fnatic's LoL team Luis "Deilor" Sevilla said very similar things in an interview a few days before these tweets were posted. In said interview, when asked what a project would have to do to be interesting, Deilor said: "It would require ten players, a gaming house and office staff with a psychologist, physiotherapist and other specialists... Something very similar to a professional team in any sport."

Regardless of whether Deilor influenced Quaye's plans, Fnatic looks set to aim high this season. Do you think these measures will work?

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