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Quantum Error

Quantum Error will mix everything when it launches in November

What would happen if Doom, F.E.A.R., Dead Space and Silent Hill had a baby with a fireman pretending to be John McClane?

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Last week, Alex shared the weird news that Quantum Error had gone gold without us knowing the game's release date or having seen much from it since it was one of the first games announced for PlayStation 5 and confirmed to be using Unreal Engine 5. I really hope TeamKill Media start talking a lot more about it now, because today's trailer is filled with information.

Not only does it reveal that Quantum Error's PlayStation 5 version will launch on the 3rd of November. The trailer also shows that the game basically is a mix of everything. First-person and third-person perspective, realism and fantasy, giant guns and stealth, fighting fires and fighting monsters. Quantum Error seems to have pretty much everything, so time will tell if this will just be a complete mess or a delicious pizza with everything as topping.

Quantum Error

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