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Quantum Break

Quantum Break is Microsoft's biggest new IP this generation

Remedy's latest title does the business on Xbox One.

As we told you this morning, Quantum Break went straight to the top of the UK's retail charts after a successful debut last week.

Strong sales in the UK aren't the only positive that Microsoft can take away from the release of Remedy's action-adventure, with the platform holder reporting that the game is actually their (as in Microsoft Studio's) biggest launch of a new IP for Xbox One so far (comparative week one sales, not lifetime).

"We're delighted that Quantum Break has been so well received by fans and critics," said Xbox Studios Senior Category Manager, Jon Edney. "It's a testament to the hard work, ambition and commitment of the team at Remedy that the game is already surpassing expectations."

You can read more about the media-blending time-bending title over in our review, and you can see it in action in the gameplay attached below.

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