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Alan Wake 2

Quantum Break and Control started off as Alan Wake 2 concepts

Microsoft turned down the sequel, leading to the creation of the Xbox console exclusive.

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When we look at what Remedy Entertainment is delivering with Alan Wake 2 this October, you have to wonder how any publisher turned down this incredible-looking game, but as creative director Sam Lake told Eurogamer, the pitch for the sequel was actually turned down quite often.

Lake mentioned that Remedy actually pitched the idea of an Alan Wake 2 with "live-action mini episodes" to Microsoft, but that the publisher turned down the idea as it felt that single-player games were "a thing of the past".

However, the concept clearly interested Microsoft, as the publisher stated in return that "we are interested right now about this, but not really interested about going on with Alan Wake." This ultimately led to the creation of the idea for Quantum Break, a Remedy title that is still an Xbox console exclusive to this date.

Alan Wake 2's game director Kyle Rowley then picked up and added that, like Quantum Break, Control came into existence in a similar way, and that it "started off as an Alan Wake 2 concept".

Needless to say, Remedy has been waiting a long time to make Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2

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