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Quantic Dream's PS2 adventure Fahrenheit hits PS4 next week

A third Quantic Dream adventure arrives on PS4.

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Quantic Dream and Sony are bringing Heavy Rain precursor Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophesy in US) to the PlayStation 4. According to PlayStation Blog the PS2 adventure arrives on the Sony's latest home console August 10th, with a digital release confirmed thus far.


"Fahrenheit, in many ways, paved the way for Heavy Rain (released on PS3 in 2010, and on PS4 in 2016) and Beyond: Two Souls (PS3 in 2013 and PS4 in 2015). Most of the concepts found in its successors were invented during this game's development: multiple characters, contextual gameplay mechanics, characters you can identify with, a cinematic experience (thanks to highly detailed environments), and beautiful music composed by Angelo Badalamenti and our dear late friend Normand Corbeil."


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