Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream reveals why they chose Detroit

Nope, it has nothing to do with Robocop.

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We had some curiosity to understand why Quantic Dream had chosen Detroit as the city for their upcoming sci-fi game Detroit: Become Human, and as a joke, we asked Adam Williams, the lead screenwriter of the game, whether the choice would be related to Robocop (all those films took place in Detroit, you see). To our disappointment, there's no such connection, and instead, the choice is considerably more intelligent and logical, as Williams explained:

"We chose Detroit because it was once the capital of the car industry and Ford Motors. During the first industrial revolution in America, Detroit became one of the major cities in the country due to most cars being built there. After the car industry became global, many car companies abandoned Detroit, and the city shrunk because of it, with huge areas becoming empty where these factories use to be. We took that into our game, and in it, Cyber-Life, the company that manufactures the androids, chose Detroit to settle in. And just as with the car industry in the past, in our universe Detroit became once again the center of the second industrial revolution in the US and the world.

So that's the reason why Quantic Dream chose Detroit, and soon we'll publish the full interview with Adam Williams, where you can find out more details about Detroit: Become Human.

Do you think Detroit is a good choice?

Detroit: Become Human

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