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Quantic Dream isn't actively pursuing turning its games into movies or TV

Company president David Cage has shut down any hope that the developer's games will find themselves on the big screen soon.

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While it's becoming increasingly common for video games to get movie or TV adaptations, one developer that isn't looking to explore this transmedia venture is Quantic Dream.

As part of an interview with IGN, president David Cage has stated that the game company is not actively pursuing selling the rights to its games to a production company, meaning anyone who was hoping to see Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls getting adaptations should check their expectations.

Cage stated, "[I]f it's about selling the rights to one of our games to a movie company so they make a movie, it's not necessarily something we're actively pursuing".

That's not to say that transmedia ventures are completely off the table, as Cage did note that interactive TV shows were interesting, and that while there's no "concrete plan right now", these are things that the company is looking at.

Quantic Dream isn't actively pursuing turning its games into movies or TV

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