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Quake will not be jumping on the battle royale bandwagon

id's Tim Willits rules out Quake Royale.

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Battle royales are all the rage these days, and it seems like a new game sprouts a battle royale mode every other day. However, not everyone is getting involved, and it doesn't seem like id Software, Take-Two Interactive, or Microsoft wants to be a part of the craze.

In an interview with Gamespot, id Software head-honcho Tim Willits stated that they would probably never venture into the genre, stating the length of development compared to how long a craze lasts:

"Listening to what your fans [and what] game modes they want is important," Willits said. "Like CTF in Quake Champions is the next game mode coming out. We originally did not plan on having it in. But our fans are like 'Duuude we need CTF.' But the time it takes to develop games and make them successful can actually be longer than the public's interest in a game.

"So you need as a developer to be really careful that you don't chase trends because by the time you come out with it, people can be like, 'Really? this was like three years ago; this was fun.' If you just copy fun game modes from other games, you'll always be too late. So that's the approach we take."

This echoes previous statements from both Strauss Zelnick, head of Take-Two Interactive, and Phil Spencer from Xbox, who have said that they would always try to do their own thing, and not follow someone else's path.


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