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Quake Champions

Quake Champions reveals 2018 tournaments

Including both online and LAN events.

The official Twitter account for Quake has revealed a list of esports competitions coming this year for fans of Quake Champions to get involved with, as you can see in the useful little infographic they've provided below.

Next month, for example, we'll be getting a tournament at DreamHack Tours worth $50,000 USD, while August will see the QuakeCon Open take place in conjunction with ESL, where $200,000 will be on the line. In October we'll then see PGL host a $50,000 competition, before Quake heads to DreamHack Winter, where $200,000 will again be on the line.

In terms of online competitions though, we have the Collegiate StarLeague between June and August, as well as monthly and weekly Battlefy competitions too, so there's no shortage of competitive action for fans to not just watch, but also get involved in.

Is Quake Champions shaping up to be a good esport?

Quake Champions
Photo: Bethesda

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