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Quake Champions

Quake Champions' Joshua Boyle on building the esports scene

Including live events and online tournaments.

QuakeCon this year revealed to us that Quake Champions is now free-to-play, but it also hosted esports action for Duel and 2v2, and we talked with community manager Joshua Boyle to hear his thoughts about the esports scene for the game, and whether they're continuing with it in the same way,

"Oh yeah, we're continuing basically what we did last year, and it's all just been building from the ground up, because as you know we've been in early access," he said. "So we've done DreamHacks last year, we did Denver and Winter, this year we're doing Winter again, we already did Tours, which was a 2v2 one we just did recently [...] we've actually got PGL in their studio in Romania in October, and then we've got Winter again in December to sort of wrap the year up. So yeah, we're just... we're building, and not only are we taking it around the world to do these bigger LAN tournaments, which are of course fun to get everyone in the same space, but we've got daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments for all different skill levels."

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