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Quake Champions

Quake Champions gets a big update this month

A new game mode, a new champion, and an autumnal festival!

Work on Quake Champions is proceeding nicely, with the Early Access FPS consistently updated with new content. Indeed, the next one is expected to hit official servers today, and there are some interesting new features worth highlighting.

Slipgate: This is a game mode where each team alternates between defence and attack in four on four matches, in order to take possession of a gigantic wormhole. Defenders must attempt to open the portal to allow an ancient deity to come into our world, while attackers must do everything to prevent it. The peculiarity of this mode, beyond the fact that each hero appears with all his weapons, complete health and complete armour: they only have one life.

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A New Champion: With fairly standard starting statistics (Health: 125, Armor: 50, Speed: 320) Athena is a fast character who relies on her agility. She is also equipped with a grapple to move towards her enemies. Athena can also take to the space above her opponents for aerial attacks.

The Slipgate Festival: Each game played in the Slipgate mode will give you access to a wide range of rewards. As soon as it's launched, all participating players will receive the "Tentacles" paint that is adaptable to all of the weapons in the game. In addition, it will also be possible to unlock the Lore Skin for Ranger, Scalebearer and Athena if you have already unlocked the champion.

The developer also announced that with this update, the online performance of the game should be improved.

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