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Halo Infinite

Quadrant is entering Halo esports

The esports organisation founded by Lando Norris is getting in on the action ahead of the Raleigh Kickoff Major.

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The British esports organisation founded by Formula One driver Lando Norris has announced that it is entering the competitive Halo scene, ahead of the Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021 taking place later this week.

Revealed in a blog post, the team has picked up four members and will be competing in the Kickoff Major, with its roster consisting of the four French players of; Sonny "Fragxr" Marchaland, Paul "NURIX" Villemont, Norwen "SLG" Le Galloudec, and Sébastien "TchiK" Darriet.

"One of my main goals for Quadrant since I launched it last year has been to see our team compete on the biggest esports stages against some of the biggest names in the industry. What we announced today brings us to that point," said Norris.

"I've loved watching Halo since it launched last month and I made sure we moved quickly to sign one of Europe's most talented rosters to our team. I've set the goals high and the team is just as passionate as I am, so let's go get our first win!"

As the Kickoff Major will be a LAN event with an open bracket format to start things off, there is currently no schedule to be able to check out. We do know however that the open bracket tournament will start at 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET on Friday, December 17, and that you can catch all the action here.

Halo Infinite

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