Qiddiya will eventually host the Esports World Cup

The city has been named as the Nexus Partner for this year's major competitive gaming event.

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The Saudi Arabian city of Qiddiya has been tapped as the future host of the Esports World Cup. The major competitive gaming event will be held in the city of Riyadh this year, but eventually will pass the duties onto Qiddiya, with the city being the location where the Elite Player Lounge and The Qiddiya Esports Arena will be found.

It's said that the Elite Player Lounge will be the area where attending competitors can come together, train, relax, and socialise ahead of matches. There will also be Elite Esports Bootcamps for teams to further train and prepare for matches, with these said to have a cyberpunk theme to them. The Bootcamps will also supposedly be able to host 20 different esports organisations simultaneously.

Qiddiya is steadily being positioned as a hub for entertainment by the Saudi government, and with esports in mind, there are plans to build multiple esports venues, including one that aims to become one of the three biggest venues in the world.

As for this year's Esports World Cup, we now finally also know that the event will be taking place between July and August, although exact dates are yet to be revealed.

Qiddiya will eventually host the Esports World Cup
Qiddiya Investment Company

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