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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Punk wins Final Round 2019

He beat Momochi in the grand final after fighting through the Losers Bracket to redeem himself at the Capcom Pro Tour event.

The Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) kicked off with the Final Round event recently, and after the dust had settled it was fighter Victor 'Punk' Woodley who emerged as the champion to kick his season off in style, defeating Yusuke Momochi in the grand final to claim the trophy for himself.

The Atlanta event didn't all go Punk's way though, as he was knocked into the Losers Bracket by Tsunehiro 'Gachikun' Kanamori, having to fight back again to meet Momochi. The Japanese player had knocked Ren 'Johnny' Sato down to Losers Bracket, but after Punk defeated Johnny 3-2 the momentum was with him.

Did you expect Punk to win?

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Photo: Capcom