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Pumped BMX Pro

Pumped BMX Pro hits PC, Switch and Xbox One next month

Edit your bike in the sequel to the entertaining BMX title starting on February 7.

Curve Digital has announced a new fun and colourful racing game called Pumped BMX Pro, which is scheduled to launch next month. Developed by one-man studio Yeah Us! Games, a single-developer studio, Pumped BMX Pro is the sequel to Pumped BMX + and it aims to build on the experience found in the first game.

"Pumped BMX Pro is the best title in the series yet. I've poured everything into this with the goal of making it the definitive Pumped BMX experience," said Adam Hunt, Director of Yeah Us! Games via press release. "It's also a franchise first for Pumped BMX as it arrives on Nintendo platforms, so I'm happy Nintendo players will get to experience the best game in the series. I hope players have as much fun playing Pumped BMX Pro as we have had making it. See you on the leaderboards!"

Players have the opportunity to choose from 15 existing bikes or create a completely customised model thanks to the special editor. As soon as your BMX is ready, players can launch themselves in over 60 levels, delighting in acrobatics in over 200 challenges. If this is not enough, you can also compete in world rankings with other players to chase the perfect score.

Pumped BMX Pro is expected on February 7 on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Below, you can see the trailer and screenshots from the game.

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