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PUBG's update #28 bringing weapon mastery

This will allow you to attach trinkets to your weapons as part of the Mastery Initiative, with the update itself due "very soon".

  • Ben LyonsBen Lyons

Popular battle royale PUBG will be receiving update #28 "very soon", and this patch will contain a host of new features as well as some extra bug fixes and tweaks. The most notable addition will be the weapon mastery feature, the next stage in the Mastery Initiative, however.

Weapon mastery will give players a new avenue for improving their weapon skills. Once the system goes live, players can look to leveling each weapon 100 times, in turn unlocking a bunch of new cosmetics. These range from charms - new keychain-like trinkets which attach to the barrel of your weapon, similar to what we've seen in Rainbow Six: Siege - to mastery emblems, which will be rewarded at each progression milestone. To level weapons and unlock these new features, players will have to gain experience from defeating enemies, getting headshots, and dealing damage in-game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Alongside the weapon mastery feature, players will now be eligible to earn medals for the feats they complete in a match. These will highlight particularly impressive actions such as getting multi-kills or defeating a large number of foes within a game. As for where these fit in the grand scheme of PUBG, this is yet to be determined, although the team at PUBG Corp. has said they will reveal the larger plans for the system in the future.

As well as this, Erangel will be receiving a second loot rebalance following player feedback. Some of the biggest changes include a 28% increase in general items on the map, plus the increase in spawn rates for the assault rifle, DMR, and sniper rifle at 64%, 114%, and 177% respectively. The team has also said that they are tweaking the Blue Zone, but this is currently only on the test server.

The Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will be receiving some tweaks to its difficulty too, as 16 daily missions and 16 weekly missions will have their difficulty lowered as well as 10 missions being entirely removed from the game, since player feedback showed they were too hard. Some challenge missions will also feature difficulty adjustments.

Elsewhere in the update the user interface will have some tweaks, allowing players to zoom in on their character model, as well as the team UI now showing the boost gauge of members in a squad. The observer system will have its kick feature restored as well as receiving some added visual aid when watching replays or live matches too. Finally, a huge host of bug fixes have been revealed, which can be found here.

What do you think of the new weapon mastery system?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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