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PUBG Mobile has surpassed 100 million active users

The game is a year old but has already accumulated a large following, with even more content like the Skorpion arriving now.

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PUBG Mobile has broken another impressive record, as it now has over 100 million monthly active users, excluding the Chinese player base. This is particularly impressive when considering the game only launched on mobile 14 months ago, on March 19 last year.

As well as this announcement, an update has also just landed in the game, bringing a wealth of changes and a new Royale Pass with it. This includes extra skins for players, parachutes, and airplanes, not to mention more servers added to reduce lag and increase game stability across the board. We also have some gameplay improvements which include a new BP category tab for the shop.

We also have a new firearm - the Skorpion - a single fire and semi-auto machine pistol using 9mm rounds and holding five attachment slots. The Season 7: Royale Pass, on the other hand, will offer a bunch of new emotes, outfits, additional rewards, not to mention access to a new EZ Mission License, bringing exclusive discounts and the chance to open crates immediately.

Will you be picking up the Season 7 Royale Pass?

PUBG Mobile

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