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PUBG Mobile Global Championship to be held in the UK in 2024

The event will take place in late 2024 at a yet to be determined venue.

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Krafton has announced that the 2024 PUBG Mobile Global Championship will officially be coming to the United Kingdom.

We're not told when exactly in 2024 the event will take place, aside from late in the year, and likewise we don't know the venue or the host city (even though it's likely to be either London or Birmingham), nor do we know any finer information relating to format or attending teams, or anything similar at the current time, but we do know that it will offer a $3 million prize pool for teams to compete over.

This does continue a very exciting trend as of late that has seen major esports tournaments coming to the UK, including the Apex Legends Global Series Championship recently (in Birmingham) and the League of Legends World Championship next year (in London).

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