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PUBG Mobile Esports Vietnam set to offer almost $500,000 in prize pools across 2021

The PUBG Corporation isn't holding back this year.

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The PUBG Corporation has revealed the prize pool available for 2021's PUBG Mobile Esports in Vietnam, and it seems to clock in at just shy of $500,000. That's right, following on from the announcement earlier this year regarding the global PUBG Mobile esports prize pool being approximately $14 million, Vietnam will be getting a hefty chunk to themselves, which actually values at 11.5 billion Vietnamese Dongs.

It seems like a lot of this prize pool will be going toward the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues across Vietnam, which itself is split into two seasons across 2021. The winners of said seasons will move forward to the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues SEA Finals, for a shot at most likely more cash as well.

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