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PUBG Mobile celebrates Lunar New Year with various events

We're welcomed into the game with the motto 'Winner Winner Lucky Together', and there are various rewards available.

PUBG Mobile is celebrating the Lunar New Year with in-game activities and goodies, including a limited-time event called Prosperous Spring now available for in-game and physical rewards, all of which is tied together with the theme 'Winner Winner Lucky Together'.

The first event in Prosperous Spring is the Spring Party Lantern Exchange, with players able to collect materials through Classic Mode matches until February 6, assembling a total of four lantern phases, with each requiring five separate materials. Players are encouraged to work together, and a rare permanent outfit awaits those who are successful.

Then there are Red Packet Drops, where the Golden Helmet has arrived in-game as a physical reward, with Air Pods, Apple Store gift cards, and more awaiting. From January 24 until 28, players receive Red Packets from the main menu as gifts, and these contain potential rewards.

From now until January 30 all players receive the Rat Costume by cumulative login too, and from January 23 to 24 you can also login to get the Rat Yearm Package as well.

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