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PUBG Global Series 2020 qualification detailed

New details surrounding the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds 2020 Global Series have been unveiled.

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As previously announced in December of last year PUBG has big plans for a Global Series consisting of four separate esports events, starting out with PSG: Berlin from March 31 to April 12 of this year. The event will be compiled of a group stage and an elimination stage before landing on a grand final over the final weekend.

The first three events will consist of 32 teams all competing for a place at the PUBG World Championship. Following that, a total of 16 teams will battle it out at PGC to have the chance to be crowned champions. The top four teams will progress through the first three events with the top four of the third event being automatically entered into the PGC competition. The remaining 12 spots available will be offered to the highest-scoring teams from the previous three grand finals.

In terms of a prize pool for the competing teams, it is said that the pro teams can expect a minimum guaranteed prize of $20,000, with a total pool of $500,000 for each of the first three events. The PUBG World Championship will see the top teams battling it out for a piece of the $2million prize pool.

Are you excited to see this new PUBG tournament series? Who do you think stands the best chance?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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