PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG global esports on hold due to coronavirus

PGS will not go ahead as originally planned, with yet another event affected by the ongoing outbreak.

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With the current outbreak of coronavirus ongoing, the world has come together in a battle to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Over recent weeks there have been many announcements within the games industry of setbacks and delays being caused due to this outbreak, and now we have another, this time a little closer to home.

Now, whilst we are being assured that the risk to public safety is still low, organisations are having to think rationally about this virus and try to minimise the risks as much as possible. As a result of this, PUBG Corporation has taken it upon themselves to delay the April PGS: Berlin event.

In a statement, the developer wrote: "With the health and safety of our players, employees, and fans as our top priorities, we've made the difficult decision to postpone April's PGS: Berlin event."

They go on to talk about how they still plan to host the four global events throughout 2020 and are actively exploring options for when they could potentially host the events. But for now, the health of all those involved is more important than hosting these events, which is fair enough.

They promise to provide us all with updates when they have more information to give, but for now, they just thank everyone for their patience and understanding around this situation.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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