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PUBG Esports bans more players for using third-party software

More three-year suspensions have been handed out, as well as sanctions for those who knew about teammates using these programs.

It wasn't that long ago that we reported on a number of PUBG esports players getting banned from the professional leagues for using third-party software, and now the official PUBG Esports Twitter page has released a statement on more players getting sanctions.

The full list of players can be found in the post, but basically after investigating all active competitive players, 10 of those have received in-game bans due to the use of unauthorised programs, with the evidence conclusive enough to justify these bans. Six of them were also found to use the same programs in online professional matches, and these players will receive three-year suspensions, as we've seen before. Two-year suspensions will be handed out to those using the programs in public matches but not professional games, and two other members of a team will receive three-year bans for knowingly allowing teammates to use these programs during PEL (PUBG European League) qualifiers.

As a result of this, "before any official esports competition, all participating players will go through a comprehensive background check on all their accounts, and any player with incriminating evidence of having used an unauthorized program will be suspended and prevented from competing," as explained by the statement.

This means that some players will lose Contenders League spots because of cheating, but other teams will be allowed to stay if they replace offending players. PUBG Esports clarifies once again as well that further players found guilty of using these programs will face the same penalties, and that "any player who is not receiving a penalty right now but has a record of an unauthorized program usage in any of their accounts will effectively be blocked from entering any officially recognized PUBG esports competition in the future."

Is this the right approach by PUBG Esports?

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