Silent Hills

P.T. has been datamined, new monsters revealed

More details surface for enigmatic cancelled title.

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Dataminers have cracked open P.T., the ill-fated demo to the equally ill-fated Silent Hills, and have discovered some unused content.

The content in question was discovered by Xentax forums user luxox18 (and it came to us via NeoGAF) and this marks the first time that a PS4 exclusive title has been datamined.

During their time down the digital mines they found some character models that look like monsters. One looks like a big bulky guy and one model has only one arm and one leg.

Now that the content has been cracked they can be used in other things like Source, which the NeoGAF post said was already underway. For example, a video from YouTuber Lakitouille uses the Norman Reedus and Lisa models in the Metal Gear Solid V rain dance scene.

The content uncovered gives us an insight into what Silent Hills could've become if it wasn't cancelled, and that is the saddest thing about all this. What might Kojima and del Toro have come up with if they were given the time to develop the concept further? Alas, we'll never know.

Silent Hills

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