Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is on track to release in 2021

The good news was shared by Tim Schafer within a video update.

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Over the holidays, Double Fine Games had a little present for us all, as it confirmed that development is wrapping up on the much-anticipated Psychonauts 2. If you recall, the game was planned to launch in 2020, but was postponed, like many other titles, this July.

Within a video update (which you can watch above), designer Tim Schafer noted that December was the last chance for the team to put anything into the game. Beyond this, Schafer mentioned that only minor tweaks needed to be added to aspects such as the front-end menu and the ending credits. He also mentioned that he is in the process of writing the post-game state for the sequel.

After 16 years then, it looks like Psychonauts 2 will launch in 2021, and we couldn't be excited, as it's one of most anticipated games for the year.

Psychonauts 2

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