PSVR works with Xbox One and Wii U

But it's not virtual reality.

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After the reports on users connecting their PlayStation VR headsets to Xbox One and Wii U, we had to try this out for ourselves. Maybe not so shockingly the HDMI signals from both consoles reach Sony's headset and lets us view the desktops and games in cinematic mode.

Since none of the two consoles have games developed for virtual reality, we're stuck with a big screen with low resolution really close to the eyes. There's no 3D audio either, but by plugging your headphones into the Xbox One controller you get normal stereo.

After a couple of totalled cars in Mafia III, this editor was too dizzy to keep playing. The conclusion we've then come to is that it works, but it's pretty much useless - unless you don't have a TV. Have you tried this blurry close-up of your screen with PSVR yet?

PSVR works with Xbox One and Wii U

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