PSV sign and then drop a FIFA player within a week

The player's old tweets were behind the u-turn.

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Less than a week ago Dutch football club PSV announced that they had signed FIFA player Tony Kok to play for them, joining the likes of Schalke 04, Manchester City, and PSG Esports who have done the same, but now they've revealed that this contract has been terminated already.

The reason for getting rid of Kok was because of sexist comments the player had made on Twitter in the past, which neither Kok nor his management shared information on.

PSV's general manager Toon Gerbrands said in an interview (translation courtesy of Kotaku) that "the behavior that Kok has shown online is so far from the core values of PSV that a continuation of our cooperation is impossible. This was a hopeless and embarrassing situation for him and for us."

Do you think PSV acted appropriately?

Photo: PSV

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