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PSG win the Legia Esports Cup 2016

August "Agge" Rosenmeier took home the trophy yesterday.

PSG Esports' FIFA 17 player August "Agge" Rosenmeier has won the Legia Esports Cup 2016, edging out Tim "Tim Latka" Schwartmann of Schalke 04 in the final with a thrilling late goal.

As we reported last month, the Legia Esports Cup 2016 was the first inter-club tournament of its kind and saw teams like Manchester City and VfL Wolfsburg also compete for the title, however, Agge proved victorious, continuing PSG Esports' successful run after Lucas 'Daxe' Cuillerier became ESWC World Champion at the end of last month.

Do you think PSG Esports will continue this run of good form?

Photo: Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim

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