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League of Legends

PSG parts ways with League of Legends and YellOwStaR

There are several reasons behind the decision.

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Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim is a legendary League of Legends player that joined French football club Paris Saint-Germain's esports efforts last year, specifically in League of Legends, and now after a disappointing year for the club, not only has YellOwStaR himself left the organisation, but PSG Esports has also withdrawn from League of Legends.

PSG Esports announced this via a press release, where they wrote: "Our Challengers Series experiences lead us to wonder about the League of Legends competitive scene economic balance. The revenue sharing model offered by Riot Games is very far from compensating the costs of a structure with European ambitions, partly because of the strong inflation of pro-gamers salaries, in our mind unjustified regarding the audience numbers evolution of the last months."

They say their decision is to withdraw "for the moment", though, so they could come back, but if they do they'll surely be hoping for better results than they got in the last year.

This is something YellOwStaR himself also talked about in his lengthy Facebook post, where he says that the team had "a challenging but disappointing season on League of Legends," with the team not reaching their goal of getting into the EU LCS.

"League of Legends has been ruling my life for the past seven years and brought me so much. I just can't leave it now as I still want to be part of the adventure. However, given the PSG position on the issue, we decided to part ways," he continued.

Are you sad to see PSG Esports bow out of League of Legends?

League of Legends
Photo: PSG Esports

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