PSG makes it three FIFA 17 tournament wins out of three

DreamHack Winter once again went according to plan.

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August "Agge" Rosenmeier of PSG Esports won the DreamHack Winter 2016 FIFA 17 tournament, making it three tournament wins out of the three they have entered for PSG Esports, after Agge and Lucas "DaXe" Cuillerier had previously won the Legia Esports Cup and the ESWC.

The win at DreamHack means that Agge qualifies for the FUT Champions regionals in Paris, something PSG will no doubt be going into with confidence given recent results.

Throughout the DreamHack tournament Agge seemed relatively untroubled and remarkably consistent, the semi final win of 7-0 over Epsilon's Sneaky exemplifying that more than anything.

Do you have high hopes for Agge at the regionals?

Photo: PSG Esports

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