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PSG League players discuss the new team

"It really feels great to be a part of PSG."

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Three players on the new League of Legends team for PSG Esports, Etienne "Steve" Michels, Thomas "Kirei" Yuen, and Hampus "sprattel" Abrahamsson, recently spoke in an interview about the future of the team and their thoughts moving into the new year, and it seems all of them have a positive outlook.

"It really feels great to be a part of PSG," sprattel started. "Working with PSG, a club with multiple years of experience, performing with different teams on a high level compared to European/international standards combined with YellOwStAr who's the leader of the esports-project I know it will be a great year. The only other organisation I've worked with was Elements who later turned into Schalke 04. I think it was a great learning experience working with Schalke 04 and to see how they operate as a football club and what they can bring into an esports-team but looking at the contract with PSG, what's been promised and also having spent a few days in Paris to see how they operate I believe they'll push it even further and possibly help esports develop even more and set certain standards."

"PSG is different from other usual esport organisations because PSG brings so much experience from their other sports teams; they are very involved with the project and I really felt the values of the club just by visiting the offices and meeting the people in Paris. It's not just a name, it's kind of like a family supporting and providing for you," Steve added.

When asked about getting into the EU LCS and maybe even to the Worlds, sprattel said that the "key coming into a season/split is always to look at your own team mainly and only consider other teams as an obstacle towards your final goal. I've been on a spring split Elements team who in 95% of the eyes of the community was seen as a 10th place team which would get relegated coming into the split, to end up as seventh, to being on a playoff contending Schalke 04 lineup ending up getting relegated. It's all about how you work as a team essentially."

Kirei said: "I'm a person that looks at one step at a time. So making LCS first is definitely our first main priority. After that, making worlds the same split is definitely a huge achievement but have to make LCS first."

It seems, then, as if PSG are being both level-headed and positive about the future. How well do you think they will do in the LoL scene?

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Photo: PSG Esports

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