PSG Esports' Daxe becomes ESWC world champion

One of PSG's big signings pays off already.

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One of PSG Esport's FIFA 17 signings, Lucas 'Daxe' Cuillerier, has won the ESWC world championships, landing PSG Esports an early major trophy by beating Timo "Timox" Siep in the grand final.

Unfortunately, fellow PSG teammate August "Agge" Rosenmeier was knocked out in the round of 16 by Miłosz "Milosz93" Bogdanowski, despite having a near flawless run in his group, however, PSG can still count their tournament successful with the trophy in Daxe's hands.

Daxe faced stiff opposition from players such as Andrei "Timon" Gurev and Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing on his road to the final, but nevertheless achieved impressive results, scoring 10 goals in the two games before the final.

During the final, however, Daxe actually went behind to Timox, however, he came back to win 2-1 and secure the title. Do you think PSG Esports will go far?

Photo: PSG Esports

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