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PSG Esports announces partnership with PMU

The betting site is also launching their own esports brand.

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Paris Saint-Germain Esports, or PSG Esports, has announced a partnership with French betting site PMU, or more specifically PMU's Esports brand.

This move signifies PMU's first steps into esports, and their esports branch will now provide statistics on esports events and players and "will channel its core business to support Paris Saint-Germain Esports players in competitions, as well as offering fans and organisers statistical content to enrich their gaming experience," according to PSG's press release.

PMU's Marketing Director Samuel Loiseau commented: "We were already partners with Paris Saint-Germain on the football side and we are proud to extend our partnership and join the club in its ambitious esports project. We share the same ambition to become key players in the sector. PMU will also be partnering with numerous esports events in France all year round."

Paris Saint-Germain's Director of Merchandising and Brand Diversification Fabien Allègre added: "The agreement with PMU marks a turning point in the development of our esports project. We are delighted to have gained the confidence of such a major player in sport within just a few months of our launch. I am convinced that PMU's expertise is going to enable us to further improve our performances and go to the next level."

As a result of the partnership, the PMU Esport logo will be on the sleeve of the shirt worn by PSG Esports' FIFA player Lucas "Daxe" Cuillerier at the Montpellier Esport Show this weekend, taking place at Montpellier Airport.

Are we likely to see more big partnerships like this in esports?

League of Legends
Photo: PSG Esports

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